Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Emotions Drive The World

When I drive I like to listen to music. When I hear music that does not move me in any way, or there is too much talk on the station that does not affect my life, I will frequency jump to find something to satisfy me.

Sometimes one can get into this cold numb feeling that you are not aware of. You look for ways to feel alive perhaps without even consciously knowing it. Music does that for me . . . keeps me alive. So does scenery and friends. I photograph to capture those times, because they include emotions that keep me alive.

This morning while driving to work I was in that cold numb feeling without even knowing it. All I was doing was driving to work, status quo. Like life was turned off. Not sad, not depressing. Just a bit blank if you will. Subconsciously I believe I wanted more than just that drive to work. So I frequency jumped on the radio because the station I was on was playing music that was blah for that moment. I kept jumping and was not finding anything. That happens sometimes. There is just nothing on that you can find to grab you from your day-to-day.

I selected the push-button for my last programmed frequency, and landed on “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles. I was quickly put back into my seat from the tune, relaxed, feeling life. Basically I woke up to different feelings. It was no longer the cold or numb feeling. A pleasant smile came to my face as I tooled down the road. Life around me was good again. Then I teared up a little (joy) for what seemed to be for no reason at all.

We are connected my emotions. There are a lot of them, and they come and go differently at times, and in varying degrees. I do not see the need to soul search why I connect to an emotion. I am simply happy to have it, or them. Though today I had to wonder why “Walk Like An Egyptian” caused the stir. I decided it was not the lyrics per se, rather it was the tune itself. Very accepting, caring, uplifting, interactive. The tune felt like my life up to this point, no lyrics needed. Then the lyric “Walk Like An Egyptian” repeated, and repeated, as it seemed I only distinguished that lyric within the tune.

Let us drop back a little. Perhaps a year ago now, though I pray it has not been that long, I was at Music Comedy Live (MCL). It had to have been at “Tapped” that night because I remember there was an intermission. I was with my bride Christi and with camera in hand. I do not think I was asked to come to photograph anything. Just one of those nights you wanted to go to MCL. Between performances I slipped to the back to use the restroom. Got caught in a long line, and before I was able to get back to up front the next ensemble was up. As I turned the corner to pass in back of the curtain, I hesitated for a split second because the curtain was left wide open. I mean wide open. (Typically the ensemble closes after the last person enters.) So, automatically, without regard, I “Walk Like An Egyptian” arm movement and all past the open curtain, exposed to the audience. Seemed like the appropriate thing to do. To my surprise I heard the audience crack up in laughter. My first thought was, “the ensemble is probably wondering what did they do to create such an emotion from the audience with their entrance?”, and that I interfered with them. As I turned the next corner, now behind the curtain, I saw Keenan at the front of the theater smiling, jumping up and down, giving me the thumbs up and exclaiming “perfect”. I made my way around and back to my seat, where Christi was still laughing at me. As best as I can estimate, this link is probably to the show this took place at. Maybe Keenan can confirm if he recalls.

Not to distract from why I am writing this, however, I also like the movie Mannequin (1987), a lot. Not to say either that this was why the song on the radio set me back. I thought of the instance at MCL about 15 minutes later.

Emotions are what make us human. They help us care. They protect us. They also make us vulnerable. Music, painting, sculptures, theater, dance, poetry, yoga, photography, all stir those emotions. You can add to that roller derby, wine making, baking, movie making, and more. Emotions of love, joy, trust, pride, happiness can come out, along with sadness, anger, fear, and envy (to name a few). The point being, do not become cold and numb at any time. Find something to awaken your life. For me, this morning it was the simple tune from The Bengals, “Walk Like An Egyptian”. Tomorrow it will be something else. Maybe even some photography. Trust me.

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