Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trip to Michigan

We took a trip to Three Oaks, MI to complete a photo shoot at the Acorn Theater. Afterward, we were just going to head back down Rt 12. However, since we were close enough to St. Joseph, we chose to run up their before heading home.

I like old structures. Steel more than anything else. Probably because one of my jobs in my earlier and more educational career was providing equipment to the steel melting industry. (Hot metal ladles, transfer cars, AOD vessels.) The company I had worked for in those day, and do again today, was founded in 1886. So they had some neat structures and aged equipment that customers are still using as well. (That may be why I have grown an interest to structures.) 

Here are the photos.  Enjoy!

Some cool kites were flying along the beach . . .

I had wanted to take Christi to the Box Factory For the Arts. We arrived about 4:05 PM. They closed at 4:00 PM. I had the honor of photographing The Bergamot band there a couple years ago. (Please them out because they are really a great pair of musicians!) The place is really cool, just like the band. Click here for a link to that blog.

We drove back home taking Rt 12 into Michigan City. On the way, we passed this old cop car alongside the road. I had to go back and photograph.

On the way back on Rt 12, we saw a pretty cool photo oportunity. We turned into the drive, and it was Galien River County Park.

From Rt. 12, Christi saw what looked to be a raised over-watch of the area. She was hoping to see a lot of birds to photograph, and perhaps frogs. There was neither that we could see. (She did hear a lot of frogs. Me, I can no longer hear frogs or birds. I think I need hearing aids now.)

To our surprise, there was a really cool upper and lower walkways over the marsh was really cool. Even Bubba liked it. Here are some photos.

A couple photos looking down a tree, from the upper walk that extended over the marsh. A real "birds eye view". I wonder now how the birds do not get dizzy.

Photo from the upper walk, looking down onto the marsh and lower walk.

The next photo is a reflection of the elevated observation point from the lower level trail over the march, followed by a photograph looking up at the elevated observation point.

The remaining photos are from the lower trail, and back to the car.

We will be planning a trip back to St. Joseph in over the next month, and back to Galien River County Park. Nature just draws you there.

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