Tuesday, June 21, 2016

St. Louis Anyone?

I had the opportunity to attend an NRC workshop held in St. Louis. It was informative as usual. Though I became a bit disappointed in St. Louis itself. There did not seem to be much to do in St. Louis proper, except to go to the arch.

I did, however, find Soulard just south of downtown, thanks to a recommendation from Marty Mercer, our local blues guy. So you will see some photos from there too, and from my trip home stopping at Girard, Illinois.

This first photo is right after I arrived and checked into my room. A room with a view! (Though a construction view.)

I was on the corner of the hotel, so my room had two views. This next photo was taken out the other window.

The next few photos are of the old Union Station. Unfortunately Hilton owns it now and you have to be a guest to see inside.

Pre-Civil War murals inside the St. Louis main post office.

A view out my hotel window - barge being pushed up the Mississippi River.

Soulard District

Photos on the way back home . . .

Girard, Illinois

Doc's Soda Fountain, Girard, IL

Christi, Bubba and I passed through Girard a year ago during out Route 66 trip to Tulsa. Doc's Soda Fountain, and the quaint square, were pretty cool. A real flashback. So on the way home I chose to stop at Girard to look again.

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