Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gone To The Dogs

The Lakeshore PAWS had their 6th annual Pup Crawl Saturday in Valparaiso. The dogs took over, and were everywhere! The dogs were meeting each other, getting along with each other, and dipping in the pool to stay cool. Later in the evening The CrawPuppies played too. That was an extra treat.

Until you have owned a dog, you do not truly know what unconditional love is. They want to feel protected and loved, and give love back. This event is not the only event that takes place either. The Town of Highland, for example, had their Paws In The Park 2016 the weekend before.

Events for animals are not for local communities, rather they are held to help raise awareness with all of us for animals, to find homes for animals, and to connect us with vendors that can help with better ways to take care of your animals. The underlying theme being, adopt pets to their forever home! I know my bride Christi is very much an animal advocate, and believes in adopting pets like our dog Bubba, and is why we came to the 6th annual Pup Crawl to support.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Cannot have an event without food vendors. There was a great selection there.

This event, though about our pups, also was about Valparaiso. I must say, Valpo puts on a good show, and below is a demonstration put on by Excel Martial Arts location on U.S. Hwy 30 in Valpo. This was really good!

Dog up for adoption wore these red vests as seen in the next photo. Because Christi volunteered last minute to photograph for her work (they could not find anyone to cover this event), and I was there to photograph for my blog, we chose to leave out dog Bubba (who was a rescued dog) at home. Hindsight, we should have stuck to our original plans and brought Bubba. He would have had a blast!!!

I think what was really nice was that people who might have had difficult dogs to handle new not to bring them. I thank them for that. All of these dogs seemed to be real people and dog friendly, making it really enjoyable for everyone.

The dog pools, like the one above, were a hit with some of the dogs too. Most of the dogs would sniff and not give it a thought. A few dogs were happy to go in and lay down to cool off.

The pup craw was getting close, and ready to go were these three.

And doggy dressup made for some fun . . .

Pup Crawl

I guess dogs have not learned how to use turn signals. A couple times you could see leach chaos happening, and everyone took it in stride.

The CrawPuppies

My bride Christi is friends with almost all the local musicians. One of her favorite groups is The Crawpuppies. So it was natural for us to hand out with them and to photograph them.

And everyone was dancing . . .

The sky colors were coming out as well as a full moon . . . did not hear any dog howling though.

You can find more information about Lakeshore PAWs Organization here:

Lakeshore PAWS

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