Saturday, June 10, 2023

Where was I #2?

Another game of "Where was I?" If you know you know. If you really know, don't let it out. Give others a chance to guess.

I banked in this town, from my first bank account at age 4 until after I was married and had my son Nicholas.

I stepped out basically from my front porch in this town with a very short walk that ended right in front of Koko Taylor, face to face, for some blues.

When Electric Light Orchestra started back up in the late 90's I think it was, their first stop of their U.S. tour was in this town.

I spent a lot of money on camera film and development equipment in this town.

This town also had the best Chinese take out I have ever had, which may be why I had moved right across from it.

This town shares in the name of the high-school I went to.

And President Carter (if I remember which president correctly) stopped at the corner cafĂ© in this town.

My friends and I spent many a summer day riding bicycles around in this town, and visiting the local Dairy Queen.

I would like to live in this town again, or the one just South West.

Okay, this photograph will throw you off the track. This is where I had to go in the first place.

Met a friend of a friend of a friend that I knew, and have photographed him before at Paul Henry's Art Gallery during their Thursday night acoustical jam, and at some other places that I cannot remember at the moment.

I lived here in this house, in this town, for ten (10) months. I had my bicycle with me but never seemed to ride it much. Lots of local train sounds, police and fire department sounds, and of course the one you can count on, power outages with the first drop of rain or high wind. Loved it there!

I lived in the area for 35-years. I would move back if I could afford it. Pretty cool place to live. (Became a transplant in the Hoosier state after this in order to save money on tuition at Purdue University, where I ended up with 2 BS, 4 AS, and 4 certificates. This move also allowed me to meet my bride Christi. So all is great. Would like to make it greater. Anyone have some money to give out?)

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