Saturday, June 17, 2023

Whiskey Tango Band - 10

Mr. Tango himself. Now to add some Whiskey.

The Whiskey Tango Band toured through Arlington Heights this afternoon. They gave me a personal invite, so I strapped on the camera to go and see them.

There are connections, then there are Connections. I connected with this band over 11 years ago. They were so impressive. Talented, rehearsed, showmanship. Oh an such showmanship with the lead of Nancy on vocals.

Nancy is a star. Her voice and song is Janis Joplin like heartfelt and strong. When she hits her lower register, it is so clear with power. And she can bring it up and belt it for emphasis.

This is the first time the band had gotten back together in about 10 years. No rehearsal. Just do it again, to the best of their abilities. They settled in early on during some great songs. Don't ask me what songs, that kind of memory is not my forte, which includes remembering your name. It did not take Nancy long to give it to us. The band had fun on the journey, hitting it here, missing it there. Reality was, this was probably more like their past rehearsals, working things out, as seen in a couple re-starts. Still, what a show! It made me happy to see them again.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy. The one at the top of the page is me. I have never started a blog with my photograph. Now is the time . . .

Air time. If you look at the other photographs, the top of Nancy's head is usually the first board of the house, and Ray's head the 2nd board. The above and next two photographs they were jumping, playing, and singing at the same time. Not as easy as it looks, and wonderfully done. Michael Jordan would be proud 😎.

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Oh, and Happy Fathers Day!!!

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