Saturday, March 23, 2024

SSRD 2024 Season Opener

It has been a while since I photographed roller derby, and South Shore. March 17, 2018 to be exact. So, this was stroll through the past for me and it was fun!

Todays bout was our South Shore Roller Derby's (SSRD) Derailers and Boxcar Bruisers vs. Wisconsin's Root River Rollers from Racine, and Fox Cities from Appleton.

To make it known, I like all roller derby. Type track, sex, team, in the end it does not matter as much as that you are there to watch and see the commitment that is put into the sport. Yes, I photograph South Shore more than other teams. When you get to know the team, the team members, the personal lives of these members, you cannot help but admire them. Especially when you live so close to them. The teams SSRD play against are just as important and special. I just do not get to see and to know them as much.

My intent is not to favor any one team when I photograph. I do my best to photograph equally. The photographs you see in my blog and other sport related blogs are the photos that appealed to me. That is basically it. If I shot crappy photos (in my opinion) and had to toss them out, leaving an imbalance, that is all on me. Not the team or individual I was photographing.

And of course I have not found a roller derby person who has not enjoyed seeing themselves in a photograph. So, I take a lot of photographs. Given that, here are some photographs for your to enjoy.

The first set of photographs, starting with warmups, is of the Boxcar Bruisers and Fox Cities. Later down the page will be the Derailers vs. Root River Rollers.

Bout Time - Boxcar Bruisers vs.  Fox Cities

Warmup Game 2 - Derailers vs. Root River Rollers

Bout Time!

South Shore Roller Derby

Root River Rollers

Fox Cities Roller Derby


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Anonymous said...

So in love with this! Thank you for being there and sharing this! Everything has a story! From one heart of gold 💛 to another, thank you for these! I truly cherish them!