Saturday, March 23, 2024

Another Trip to Sunrise Greenhouse / Woldhuis Farms

Happy Upcoming Easter!

I took the back roads to "The Farm" as we call it at home. Seems more nature saying it that way rather that "lets to go the greenhouse". Spent a lot of my childhood going to the family farm to play with my cousins too. This saying I'm going to The Farm also brings back very good memories.

So, on the way there I passed this box of colored Easter eggs, and had to turn around to photograph them. Cool concept for a mailbox pole, having the container on the back side as counterweight. I suspect it is filled with flowers for spring/summer.

Then along the way I came across a solar farm that was under construction. Some people may argue that using farm land for a solar farm is a sin. I disagree. Not all farm land is of the same fertility. You can have a patch that just is not irrigated well enough to produce high yield. Then there is the operating costs to run a farm. A bigger bang for the buck might be to have your electricity bill paid by the panels, and perhaps even gets some more money back to fund your kids college education, or buy a farm tractor. Many possibilities. In the end everyone is still winning going green. Here is another thought. How about turning your own yard into a garden that is more natural and beneficial, that a finely manicured lawn?

Now the greenhouse. Plants are still very early for their season. Still growing. Still, some colors are there which is why I like to photograph there. That and to also show you how big and diverse this place is.

Tours and seminars are also available this time of year. I have not been on one yet. Any education structure like this you will learn something, so perhaps next time I will make more time to attend.

After having a waterfall put in at home, and doing more research after the fact, ours was installed incorrectly. After all that research and now understanding what we want, the photo below depicts what we have in mind. I will have to see if they would remake ours to look something like this. Or, if there are any takers willing to do this for us, message me!

Ferns everywhere. Woldhuis Farms sells to the other nurseries and stores in the area, so they do have plants in sections of the greenhouse that are not for sale to the public. You can still find the plant you want and can buy. Just that there are other sections dedicated to other nurseries and stores.

Woldhuis Farms
Sunrise Greenhouse, Inc.
10300 E 9000 N Road
Grant Park, Illinois 60940


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