Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Nick Danger Trio at the Blue Top Drive-in

That time of the year to get on your boogie at the Blue Top Drive-In to see The Nick Danger Band/Trio in a super cool Drive-In environment.

The Blue Top Drive-In as it currently sits has a history dating back to 1964. I remember driving to there in staring in the mid 70s from over the boarder (Illinois). What attracted me then were the car hops (being a teenager), then as I worked on my 1969 Mustang the attraction became the automobiles from antique to muscle.

This drive-in is a must if you are in the area. If you happen to be cruising down I-80/94 and you are near Indianapolis Blvd., take a turn south for about after four stoplights and keep an eye out for the drive-in located on the East side, South of Ridge Road. Friday evenings and the weekends during the sunny days are the best time to go.

One of our bands from "the region" is The Nick Danger Band. When they play at Blue Top on Sundays they are typically a trio, however do not be surprised if you find other musicians playing. NW Indiana is just one big happy playground for these local musicians.

Here are some photographs from the afternoon. Enjoy!

Blue Top Drive-In
8801 Indianapolis Blvd.
(just South of Ridge Road)
Highland, IN 46322

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