Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yoga In The Park - The Need

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The 2013 Yoga In The Park will start June 1st, 2013, 9-10:00 AM both Saturdays and Sundays, near shelter 1!!!!!

"I feel the need . . . the need for Yoga!"  I believe that is what brought out the people this morning.  There was a chance for rain, it was overcast, it was humid, and the temperature was warm.  Also, "acorns keep falling on my head, . . .".  If you know what song I pulled that one from, shout it out!

Class size does not strengthen or diminish the experience people have in this class.  My participation is in the photography.  For me to take photographs, I need to be inspired.  The people in this small class today inspired me.  So all I can do right now is to reciprocate, to give my appreciation using the photographs I took this day.

The inspiration I get seems to come from the lines that the students create.  You can see when they are trying hard, yet relaxed and focused.  This in itself releases the energy through the air that I attempt to capture in the photography.  I do not claim that each of my photos are perfect.  Far from it.  I can claim the feelings inside when taking the photograph.

And yes, sometimes there is a focus that draws me to photograph.  The energy just draws me that way.  As it transmits, it is received by others, of which I hope these photographs will do for you.

So I hope Michelle does not mind that there are a lot of photos of her.  She was an inspiration to all of us this day, as were many others.

And there is always a story to be told in photographs.  The story will vary, to individualize if you will, yet perhaps some commonality too.  These next couple photos, of this wonderful person who I have met and cannot remember her name for the life of me (yes, I am not afraid to admit my short comings - as Craig Furguson would get himself in trouble and say, I expect to receive your letters), seems to always tell a story to me in the photographs I take of her.  Today, to me, it was a story of fulfillment, and a strive for her own personal center.

Have you noticed someone yet?  If not, wait, because you will see more of her in a little bit.

Here she is . . . and boy she did her Yoga very well . . .

And sometimes it can be difficult to stay focused in Yoga . . . break time for some fun . . .

And when you thought it could not get better . . . and this is just the start . . . 

I remember doing head stands as a kid.  My instructor . . . Gomez Addams from the Addams Family . . .

And, here ya go . . . all I could think of was "photograph this", so I did not pay much attention to framing . . .

Yes, this is Yoga at its best . . .

Everything tells a story.  We tell stories to remember, to pass down.  This helps us understand tradition, to find center.  Each of us are unique individuals.  Our stories are equally as unique.  Go tell your story.  Communicate it through action, word, deed.  Pull from what is within you and share, as mom and daughter did for us today.  This is what love and attention to others is all about.

Oh, and watch out for the falling acorns!!!!!

Yoga In The Park will continue through the end of September.  Let the Town of Highland know that you want this back next year.  Not that there would be any reason not to be back . . . it always helps to share your voice.

Oh, and if you have not seen this yet, check it out.  I entered a photo of Julie taken at Yoga In The Park, into a contest.  Feel free to "like" to enter your vote, and to "like" any of the other photos in the contest.  My other two are:  My friend Kimberly sitting on the stairs; My friends Renee and Pete with the picture of the dogs in the pool hall between them.  You do not have to vote for mine . . . vote for what "love" means to you.  Is it Yoga?  Click here to go to the site. 

Come and enjoy, every Saturday morning 9:00 to 10:00 AM, rain or shine, shelter "1".

Wicker Memorial Park
8554 Indianapolis Blvd.
Highland, IN 46322


Anonymous said...

loved the journaling as well as the photography - great work!

Wesley Bushby said...

Thank you. I generally get my "draft" out as soon as I can so others can enjoy the photos. Some photos may change over the week, along with the writing. Though the intent is always there.