Saturday, September 29, 2012

My NW Indiana - Farmers Market, Highland IN

After my visit with "It's Just Serendipity" in Hammond, I went to see my buddy Lou Shields perform at the Farmers Market, in Highland. I did not know there was a Saturday market there, until Lou put up a facebook post he would be there. Goes to show, there is a lot in our own back yard to enjoy. We just need to look, listen, to "stop and smell the experience".

Here are a few pictures of Lou and the market . . .

As I was taking the photographs, absorbing the sun, I began to ponder.  How can we get people to "stop and smell the experience"?  One thought I had, was for each community to get together and pick a month for themselves.  Then have each of our artists (fine art, musicians, photographers, crafters) take one Saturday of that month to sit out on the sidewalk, along side the road, in front of a shop, and just "do their thing".  As people drove by, they may slow down, smell the experience, get emotional, and want to stop to check things out.  Perhaps have a shop sponsor the artist, meaning provide them with a place to perform, to come in for a break when they need one, to keep the artists comfortable with food and drink.  This reciprocation in gratitude can go a long way in community relationships.

It was very cool how the vendors of the Highland Farmers Market thanked Lou.  It was cool that when I arrive late, Lou stayed to play me the "coffee" song, and the vendors thanked Lou once again.  Everyone was happy, took in the experience (yes, experience will always be the theme), and thanked each other for it. What a day!

Well, this is not the end. Stay on the journey with me.  Here are some vids I took of Lou at the Farmers Market.  Enjoy . . .  (oh, one of these days I will actually bring a tripod, so please forgive the movement)

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