Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grindhouse Cafe with Anna and Lou

This evening, Wednesday evening, I went out to the Grindhouse Cafe to check out my buddy Lou, and the touring Anna Vogelzang. I arrived a little early to get a seat and something to eat. The Grindhouse Cafe is in my hometown of Griffith.  This is my second time there.  It does feel like I am at home.  A warm welcoming atmosphere.

Here are some photos, starting with Lou Shields who opened for us tonight.

Anna Voglzang

I try not to photograph an artist with a mic in their face. Something drew me to Anna to take this photo. It was the first photo of her for the evening. Anna has here style, her character, her connection to the audience, that is special. Thank you Anna for coming to our town of Griffith, and enjoying the taxadermy!!! lol

I enjoyed Anna.  She is someone you need to go see.  She plays several instruments, has a voice that can charm you, and knock your socks off with emphasis and control.

Let us not forget Lou.  Lou has become our staple.  He is always there for us.

When you get a chance, go check out their websites . . .

Anna Voglzang

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Mary said...

It was a special evening and thank you, Dear Wes, for capturing it on film - good work - as always -