Saturday, January 12, 2013

Region Rat Rollers - Super Cool

Growing up, as a child I remember watching the roller derby on our black and white television. Though at the time I did not understand why I enjoyed watching, I do now after watching the Region Rat Rollers (RRR) and their call for skaters. This was a super cool and energized experience!

Everything we do in life requires social skills. Team building is one of the most important ones that we seem to overlook. At work we need to be able to work as a team. We need to communicate. We need to take in information and pass it on. Ideally nobody is at fault when a problem occurs. When things break down, it is usually the system not being robust enough to handle it.

I saw in these select women of RRR the teamwork and leadership needed for success, and they were not even competing this day. It was just very obvious to me . . . the teamwork and leadership. Not that I was expecting it, because when I go do a photo shoot I go without expectation. That way I can see for my own eyes what is really going on, and capture it in my photography. These ladies came across as knowing who they are.  Their mission . . . to make everyone else know who they are.

I do thank all of the ladies of RRR for allowing me to photograph and blog this. It is my honor, and I hope to do you justice here. So, lets us get to the photos, starting with a group shot I took near the end of the tryout, then starting back at the beginning.  (You can click on the photo to enlarge, and click on that enlarged photo to index through.  Some computers will react faster than others, given your computer setup and Internet speed.)

As the morning started, the RRR's were filling out their own name tags, having a pow-wow on the plan for the day, and putting up their "tag" on the wall for all to see.

After a few warm up laps for RRR they were introduced. (RRR looked like they were biting at the bit for some action, like they were in rumble mode and had to work it off.)

Afterwards, the ladies tryout were allowed to go onto the floor to do some laps to warm up.

And some warm up stretches . . .

The ladies were divided into five groups for evaluation, each reporting to a station, then rotating through each station after about fifteen minutes. So the following photos are a conglomeration of all that activity. Each lady was taking this very seriously, especially when it was announced with specific content, this is a "full contact sport".

Interview Time

It does not need to be said, because it is understood . . . it does not matter who you are. If you have passion for something and it shows, you will be welcomed. Many diverse ladies came out for the tryouts today. All were accepted to participate. I think that spoke a lot about the ladies who put their future out on the line, on skates.

Most important today was everyone had fun. They learned about themselves . . . meeting a personal challenge. They enjoyed being connected to a team. Only a few will be called upon.

Here are some links to the Region Rat Rollers for you to browse . . .

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