Friday, February 15, 2013

Diana & the Dishes at Martyrs' Chicago

I went to see Diana & the Dishes at Martyrs' Chicago. Also playing was Paper Thick Walls, and Steak House Mints. I will say, I had a triple treat this evening.

Diana & the Dishes are always entertaining. They have music, character, fun, and a very uplifting attitude that you want to be around. I first saw this band 2012 at Lincoln Hall, and then again at the Green Mill Poetry Slam. I was also given a great opportunity by Diana to photograph a first ever musical that she helped create . . . "Next Stop" . . . which was superb.

Though I came specifically to listen to Diana & the Dishes, I was very surprised and happy with Paper Thick Walls. The deep rich sound and the vocal of Kate Schell made it for me. Steakhouse Mints was a favorite of the Martyrs' crowd. Steve Gillis, the lead vocal, was very energetic and entertaining.

In all, the song I liked the most this evening came from Diana & The Dishes, titled "Mess Around (I Don't Wanna)". You can listen to this original on their website by clicking here.

First, let me show you a little inside Martyrs' before the crowd arrived.

Diana & the Dishes . . .

Now for some Paper Thick Walls . . .

And the headliner for this evening, The Steak House Mints . . .

I am glad I chose to pick my camera back up after 34 years. I am doing what feels natural to me. Something I had decided I wanted to do 43 years ago (yes that long ago), however life took a different turn.

I love music. I love to dance. I love to photograph. All of this comes together when I go photograph bands. This evening was enjoyable, because of Diana & the Dishes, Paper Thick Walls, and The Steak House Mints. I can say more about each of these bands, because they so deserve it.  I am not going to . . . you will have to go see for yourself!!!!  You can check out each of these bands at the following links:

Diana & The Dishes
My blog from Lincoln Hall
My blog from the Green Mill
My blog from Next Stop

Paper Thick Walls

The Steak House Mints

And as always . . .

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