Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bergamot, Simply Birgit, Whole Foods . . . The Connection?

This was another unique day in my life.  This is the first time I have actually traveled to take photos of an event other than going to Canon and Calumet Photo workshops.

So, what is the connection between The Bergamot, Simply Birgit, and Whole Foods?  Well I will tell you.  It is Birgit Biehl.  I was first introduced to this beautiful person through 
Screaminchickenz Amps.  Yes, Screaminchickenz Amps !!  Birgit has developed her own line of skin care products, and manufactures it herself.  Shop local!!!

When Birgirt saw me photographing The Robots one evening, she mentioned a band, The Bergamot out of South Bend, Indiana.  She had nothing but praise for this band.  A month or so later, another band I made friends with were playing at Martyrs' in Chicago.  I later found The Bergamot was headlining that same night.  So, it was a no brainer . . . I Had To Go!!!

The Bergamot blue me away.  Jillian and Nate are super talented.  Everything was uplifting, getting you up on the dance floor.  Lyrics are great.  Acoustic Great.  Jillian's energy, beyond great!

And, I bought some product that night at Martyrs' that had the Bergamot's label on it.  I knew who made it . . . Simply Birgit!!!!  Nobody had to tell me.  I just knew.  I bought one of everything . . . CD's, skin care products, and was given a T-shirt.  What a cool night, with a lot of cool bands and people.

I received a message from Birgit a few days ago, asking if I would come and take photos of her, her friends along with Jillian and Nate, at the opening of Whole Foods in Mishawaka, Indiana. This was an early morning event. I said yes . . . Yes!

When I arrived at 7:45 AM, Jillian and Nate were there singing their music before the store opened at 9:00 AM.  They entertained the crowd that was growing by the minute.  Birgit also has product in this Whole Foods store, waiting for the public to buy (and me to photograph).

Here are some photos, starting with photos I took the night before.  I hope you enjoy them.

What was cool, was Fox 28 out of South Bend was there too. Amir Abbas from the station had a blast talking to the people, and dancing with The Bergamot band.

No, we were not playing stick'm up . . . Jillian had us waiving our hands around. I was so busy waiving mine, I failed to take more photos . . .

A new fan of the band . . .

She's still keeping an eye on Jillian . . .

Getting close to opening the store to the public . . .

Note the "Buy Local" tags below, with Simply Birgit products right above the tags . . .

It was a fun day. The drive back to work (yes, I still had to go to work) was filled with good thoughts of good friends. Thank You Whole Foods for selling the Simply Birgit line of products, and for having The Bergamot band there to open the store for us!

The Bergamot

Simply Birgit

Screaminchickenz Amps

Whole Foods Mishawaka

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Birgit Biehl said...

Absolutely loved that post, Wes!!! Thanks again for making the drive & celebrating the day with us!!!! Much love goes out to you!! Birgit