Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chicago Koto Group - Chicago Botanic Garden

Once again, I had the pleasure of attending the Chicago Koto Group performance at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Going to the Garden is a treat in itself, however, when combined with music it is the most pleasurable experience one can have.

This years performance was a bit short compared to last year. There was a wedding booked this same day. A bit of a disappointment because I came for the music. Not a disappointment because it gave me some more time to walk around the Garden. The serenity, even with all the people around, was so amazing.

I have to thank Michael Firman who invited me last year, and this year. I met Michael at a local art gallery open mic JAM. We have stayed connected, loosely, over this last year, and to both our benefits. For me, I get to take photographs. For him, he can look at my photographs. Sounds to simple? Well, is life not meant to be?

I arrived early. There are a lot of visitors to this Garden. It does take a little while to drive into the gate. I highly recommend a season pass . . . it is a faster process to get in. When I did arrive, story telling was still taking place. A children's craft workshop was also taking place on the other side of the isle. Here are a couple photographs.

Here are some photos before and during the Chicago Koto Group performance.

Thank you Chicago Koto Group for an enriched experience. Thank you to the two special guests from Japan who performed for us.

Here are some photos of the Garden. The first is probably the one everyone takes when they walk into the Garden. It does set the tone. The voice speaks differently to each of us. This is what my photo says . . .

One can get wrapped up in the beauty of music, flowers, art, and not want to return. I had two other photo shoots to go to this day, or I would have spend the rest of the day here. Here are some links for you . . .

Chicago Botanic Garden
1000 Lake Cook Road
Glencoe, IL  60022

Chicago Koto Group

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