Saturday, May 11, 2013

David Prusina at the Gallery Cabaret

I have been following David a little over a year now.  I first met David at The Horseshoe a year ago March, when I went to photograph Lou Shields.

Musicians are individuals.  There music is individual.  It speaks of them.  I like David, as an individual and who speaks through his music.

The Gallery Cabaret is a unique place in Chicago.  They do comedy and music.  It is a neighborhood bar, with a friendly atmosphere.  I have been there once before, again to photograph Lou Shields.  I was happy to go back there again, to photograph David.

The Gallery Cabaret has lighting that changes color.  I bit difficult at times to keep up with.  So, some of the photos I have attempted to color correct, while others I left as they were.

The line up . . .

Lost In Blue

Spherical Banana


David Prusina
& The Cryin' Side of Town

Unfortunately I left before Lost In Blue played.  Please forgive me band!  I did catch the others.  So, I will start with who started us off, my pal David Prusina & The Cryin' Side of Town!!!!

Next up, Velvatron. I did not really know what to expect. Watching them setup, I began to have an idea. What I found cool about this group is they are multi-disciplined. Meaning, they all love music, however they are also into art and electronics. It looked as if a few of the electronic instruments they made themselves. I thought it was interesting enough to want to go see them again. Here are the photos.

Next up was Spherical Banana. Their opening was really cool, with the interaction of the drummer.

Spherical Banana also had them dancing on the floor . . .

I left early, so this is the end of the photos for the bands. My apologies once again to Lost In Blue. Here is their link. Please go check them out . . .

Gallery Cabaret is located in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. My first time there was interesting. The second time was fun. Now, I would go back in a heartbeat. They bands they bring in are cool and the comedy superb, in a decor that is, well, off the wall in a very appropriate way. I should have taken a photo of the outside. That alone makes you go hmmmm. Next time. Here are some photos of the inside.

2020 N. Oakley Ave.
Chicago, IL  60647
(773) 489-5471

If it was not for David Prusina, I would not have gone into Chicago this night. Thank you David for having the gig!!!! You can check out David . . .

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