Saturday, May 18, 2013

JAM'n at Leroy's "Hot Stuff"

Like Doctor Who fezzes and bow ties are cool, Nomad Planets and The Steepwater Band are cool. Too cool to miss. Too cool to not spread the word!

This was a nice ending to a very busy day. I follow both these bands, I support both these bands, I like photographing both of these bands, and hope to continue to photograph them on their journey. Tonight, Nomad Planets put together a great opening set for the evening. It was the strongest I have been too. It was great to personally experience it.

The Steepwater Band is smooth. Bluesy smooth. They go well with anything, and you want to take them along for anything. Each member is superb. Each have their personality that shines. They have roots, soul, are instrumental in their art, and you walk away exhausted because their groove pulls you in.

What a night. Sorry a lot of you missed it. I will say, you have a GREAT opportunity to see The Steepwater Band at the Chicago House of Blues on June 7th. Get your tickets!! Lets show Chicago this band can get down. Lets show support, and be there for The Steepwater Band!!!

Here are some photos taken this evening. Enjoy . . .

Nomad Planets

Mark Mybeck - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Phil Rapchak - Bass / Vocal

Chris Ussery - Keyboard

John Carpenter - Guitar / Vocal

Terence Boylan - Drums

The Steepwater Band

Jeff Massey - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Tod Bowers - Bass

Joe Winters - Drums

Eric Saylors - Guitar

And and great thanks to Leroy's for this nights venue . . .

333 W. US Hwy. 20
Porter, IN  46304

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