Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lou Shields at The Abbey

I can never get enough of Lou.  Yes, I have heard his music played over and over.  And over.  Well, and over.  And I want more.  Lou brings a "family environment" to his music.  A sit outside on the porch in the evening breeze, rock'n chair type of environment.  This evening Lou appeared very relaxed.  Maybe I have mistaken relaxed for tired.  Maybe he didn't drink any coffee.  Maybe maybe maybe . . . Lou is just plain good and it doesn't matter what mode he's in.

Lou played at The Abbey Pub in Chicago this evening.  Starting the evening off was Jason West, who I enjoyed a lot.  His vocal was clean, and his play was very heartfelt.

Headlining was Mikey Classic, full of energy, kicking it hard on the banjo, winding himself up through his entire set (at least for the time I stayed).

Here are some photos of the evening.  Enjoy!

Jason West

Great job Jason. I hope to see you again!

Lou Shields

Thank you too Lou, so much . . .

Mikey Classic

Thank you too Mikey.

You can catch more Lou Shields here . . .

Lou Shields

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