Thursday, August 8, 2013

Terrapin 5k & Music Festival - Chicago

The Terrapin 5K & Music Festival was put together by RAM Racing. This was my first RAM Racing event, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Much has to do with the people in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs who came to this 5k race. It was uplifting to see all the positive faces that were here to just enjoy life with other people, and to test themselves for their personal performance.

Speaking of performance, I found out about the Terrapin 5k through The Steepwater Band. One of many Chicago bands, and one of just a few who live and breath the life of music and share it, literally, around the world. I have had the pleasure, several pleasures as a matter of fact, to go see them and to photograph. The Terrapin 5k was one stop on their musical journey, and of my photography journey. Thank you RAM Racing for allowing me access to photograph!!!!

Here are a couple choice photographs that I felt represented the evening . . .

So with that, here is my pictorial story of the evening . . .

I have to say, I think the Chicago Blade Runners were the most cheerful people to be around this evening. I enjoyed their enthusiasm and spirit. I could not help but have it rub off on me. They really set the tone for the evening.

What I also enjoyed were all the runners who smiled and waived at me as they ran by. It was a pleasure to be there with them, photographing this event. I hope all you get to see yourself somewhere in all of these photos!!!

Everyone left the staring line, so I headed back to the grounds. It was a bit empty without all the racers. Though their return would pack the house once again.

I do apologize to the other bands. My interest in coming to the Terrapin 5k was to get my first taste at photographing a race, and to see The Steepwater Band. This band, though Chicago based, seems to spend a lot of time on tour in the Unites States and other countries. So when I have a chance to see them in Chicago, I do just that.

Here are some photos of The Steepwater Band on the West stage, off Lake Shore Drive with the City of Chicago skyline supporting the background.

Tod Bowers on Bass

Eric Saylors on Guitar and Backup Vocal

Jeff Massey on Lead Vocal and Guitar

Joe Winters on Drums

I owe a great thanks to RAM Racing for allowing me to photograph the event. I owe The Steepwater Band a great thanks for keeping my dream alive, allowing me to improve my photography on them time and time again. They are one of Chicago's own, for sure.

Here are links to their sites:

RAM Racing

The Steepwater Band

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