Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Trip to Seattle

I have been to Washington state before, but not to Seattle.  This week I had the privilege of visiting Seattle on a business trip.  This is a very interesting town. Yes, lots of tourism, however, the general vibe of those who live there, and what Seattle has done in general, is what attracts me now.

The first thing I noticed was the overhead electric wires. At first I did not know what they were for. Well, I sort of knew, however, I was looking for trolley rail on the road. There was nothing there. What I did see were new buses running with collectors against the overhead electric. These buses were very quite. This "green" use of energy for mass transit in a city bustling with activity was a cool sight to see. The buses were very quite and no fossil fuel pollutants.

I then noticed the city itself. Everything efficient as it could be, and clean. Even the hotel I stayed at incorporated efficient amenities.

Here are some quick photos that I took around town. I hope to go back soon. If so, I will incorporate any additional photos in this same blog post.

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Mary said...

love seeing your travel photos - thanks for sharing Seattle with us - neat