Saturday, August 17, 2013

Farmfest 450 - 2013 (day 2)

"It is about  the music, the people you are sharing the music with, and where / when you choose to do it.  I could not have picked all of it so perfect, at one time." - Wes Bushby

Day 2, Saturday 8/17/2013
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There are a lot of photos in this blog post. Around 200. So, if the way you are choosing to open this post is acting slow, you now know why.

I chose to put a lot of photos in because this was a fun event. One that I would like to invite you to next year. Come out on a Friday, camp overnight, and continue the pleasure of meeting people, playing, taking in the vibe, with all the music there can be had.

I had to put this next photo first. Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts is another favorite band of mine. I saw them for the first time at Chicago House of Blues earlier this year. The Steepwater Band invited me to photograph the event. "Low Life" can be seen on the drummer's shirt. This just goes to show the humor everyone has, which made this weekend a very "stretch yourself back in the chair" type of event.

Now for a boat load of photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Oh, and if I failed to get the name of the band right, please help me out and message me.)

Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Hula Hoops and Frisbees were everywhere . . . if I did not have the camera in my hand I would have joined in . . .

I had to laugh. I saw the massage area Friday in another location and thought "cool, I just might take advantage of that given the weight of the cameras I am carrying around." Then I heard the announcement that it was Jenny, Tod Bower's wife, who was doing this. The Steepwater Band and I have slowly become friends, so I know Tod. I have never been introduced to Jenny, so I took the opportunity to go say hello.

I thought the food was great, including the people working it. I hope they come back next year.

Jenny met a friend today. I do not know who she was, but they spent some quality time with an arm message for $1. Was pretty cool to watch. Not sure at all what they were talking about, however, they were both having fun.

James Montjoy Duo

Robert Brown Band

Photographers everywhere, including half pint size . . .

James Montjoy Duo

Deadly Gentlemen

These guys hale from Boston. Yes! Boston! They were great. I would have never thought such great bluegrass music would have come out of Boston.

Paige and Nick

I first saw Paige and Nick of "Paige and the Reverent Few" at Chicago House of Blues. Yes, once again, because of The Steepwater Band. This time it was on New Years Eve. These two had a presence this day that spoke music. A presence that you want to be around.

Dan Hubbard and the Humadors

Chris Corkery

Matthew Curry & The Fury

Unbelievably good, and that is all I have to say about that.

Micky Rosenquist

A Hula Hoop light show for you . . .

The Steepwater Band

I met these guys about 20 months ago at the Chicago House of Blues, through my friend Pete Calacci. Pete was kind enough to connect me with Joe Winters so that I could step up my photography game.

Jaik Willis

My apologies to the last two groups to play. I had to get some sleep because I had another photo shoot to go to for Sunday. I had a great time . . . see you next year!!!

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