Friday, August 16, 2013

Farmfest 450 - 2013

This is the 5th annual Farm Fest 450, and it my 1st. Now here, this is too cool to pass up . . . so I am coming next year!!!

Here is a photo of the two coolest girls in the world!!!

It is about  the music, the people you are sharing the music with, and where / when you choose to do it.  I could not have picked all of it so perfect, at one time.

Day 1, Friday 8/16/2013
(click here for day 2)


Ed Anderson

For me, as a photographer, I think it is cool when people want to play with you, recognizing what you are there for and to have fun with it. Like the photo of the two ladies at the top, this next two struck the pose for me.

Having families here made it fun to photograph. It just completes the feeling what this is all about.

The Toast to Another Good Year!

Chicago Farmer Band

The Hula Hoops were fun to photograph at this event. I took this opportunity to experiment.

This next series of photos, I was having fun with the silhouette of the elbow . . .

Ernie Hendrickson

Magic Box

I really enjoyed Magic Box.. I have seen them once before at Chicago House of Blues. This time I think the vibe of the evening helped them to let loose. They were really cool to watch and listen to.  Oh, and Ed Anderson, pictured next . . . he is every bands man!!!!

Jack Avery's Kin

South Side Cindy & The Slip-Tones

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