Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jeff Massey - Unplugged

Holy Crap Batman . . . okay, I know there are kids who look at my blog. I cannot help it. Jeff Massey's solo acoustic, and the blues, is just too much for my heart.

Years ago, my early years in college, we would sit around the dorm room and listen to music. We had a few musicians on campus. One that I met had a nickname of Rat which he got from when he was in the Navy. Rat (and forgive me because I do not recall his real name at the moment) would come into my room and play acoustic guitar. My joint was sort of the hangout for the cell block.  Now imagine, this is in the mid 1970’s, and men were getting out of the military because the Vietnam war was over. You did whatever you could to pass the time while in the Navy. Rat took up learning to play the guitar, and learned on his own.

Now, Rat did some very good finger pick’n on his guitar. Listening to Jeff play this evening brought me back to those good times in the mid 1970’s. Rat played the very same music. One song I remember Rat playing, which I requested a lot, was Alice's Restaurant. This is probably the only song I did not hear tonight from Jeff. Though I have to say, I had to leave after the first set . . . I had a job to go to in the morning.

Here are some photos I took of the evening.  Because this is Jeff, and he has a lot of friends, please feel free to download these.  It will save me answering all the E-mails because of my copyright.  If you can, where you can, give me credit.

I have now rounded my top 3: Jeff Massey, Lou Shields, and David Prusina. Boy what I would give to have these three play the same venue. Thinking about where, I can only think of the Hard Rock Café right now. Or, my backyard!!!!

Thanks to the Harlem Avenue Lounge (Ken Zimmerman proprietor) for letting me take photos, and being an excellent host.  I do recommend to all, that if you like blues, to go check out Harlem Avenue Lounge, and of course, Jeff Massey.  Oh, and my friends Big Dog Mercer and Funky Mojodaddy as well!!!!!  Turns out, the universe is much smaller than I thought!

Harlem Avenue Lounge
3701 South Harlem Ave.
Berwyn, IL
(708) 484-3610

(Located on Harlem Ave, next to White Castle, enter in back. Cash only, ATM on premises.)

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