Friday, September 20, 2013

Zhou B Art Center - and John Brudek

Diana Levington Gondek has grown her love to paint, and has set up her art studio this in at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. She also is growing her appreciation for other artists, and their desire to show there work. This month my friend and fellow photographer John Brudek was given his opportunity to show.

Oddly enough, I did not photograph John's work. Yes, you will see it in the background. My photography was more to catch the moment for him, and Diana. To show the support that was given from all who visited Diana's corner of the world on the 3rd floor of the Zhou B Art Center.

John Brudek's and my friend John Stephens, also a fellow photographer, was there too. I gave John one of my cameras to use. I will identify his work throughout the blog. 

Art is around us, created in many ways. It just does not exist. It is created. These next two photos I took when I first arrived. They were not intended to be good as far as technique. The lady caught my artist eye so I took the first photograph. When she saw me out in the parking lot, she helped create the art in her image, for me to find mine.

The show on the main floor was the work of the Zhou brothers, from their early days to now. The art pulled me into the room as soon as I saw it. I was fortunate that when I arrived, very few people were around. I was able to observe, convert to thought and feeling, and photograph.

At one point I saw one of the Zhou brothers look at me, like he recognized me or something. I gave a quick nod and continued with my observation to photograph work flow. (Yes, I can be a technical nerd at times.)  At one point I sat on the floor as if it was a requirement, for me, and took a couple more photos.

The next few photos were taken by John Stephens using my camera.

John will probably get in trouble for this next photo, of his wife Chantene Sabrina Stephens. What are friends for???

Back to my photos, though now I do not know why.  I like John's . . .

Yva Neal - Studio 407

Corinna Button - Studio 405

Back to John Brudek in Studio 301B of Diana Levinton Gondek.

On the way out, photographing from outside . . .

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