Friday, September 20, 2013

"Big Dog Mercer" at Harlem Avenue Lounge

Prior to photography life was pretty common for me. Since photography, it is very different. Photography has given me a reason to get out, meet people, and do things. It is like someone flipped on the light switch. It is that easy.

I am invited to a lot of events because people know I want to photograph. Photograph everything. I am like a kid in a candy store and I keep going back. Sometimes for the same piece of candy. Sometimes to try something new. Seems like there is always a mix involved, because I am never satisfied with just one kind of candy.

This evening I stopped at a few places to photograph. This blog entry is about "Bid Dog Mercer". I met Marty through my friend at work, Tammi. Marty is a blues artist, with a voice that mellows you out into a smooth groove. Here are the photos I took of him and the band at Harlem Avenue Lounge.

"Big Dog Mercer"
Marty Mercer

Harlem Avenue Lounge
3701 South Harlem Ave.
Berwyn, IL
(708) 484-3610

(Located on Harlem Ave, next to White Castle, enter in back. Cash only, ATM on premises.)

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