Saturday, September 20, 2014

9th Annual Bizarre Bazaar and Lou Shields

It was a nice day to go to the 9th Annual Bizarre Bazaar. I followed it up with a little bit of Lou Shields at Paul Henry's Art Gallery, where Lou had his opening art show.

These large chess board was cool. Inside the tent, behind this outdoor set, were children playing chess.

This fishing area was an "I can do this" with the kids. They did find it a bit difficult to catch a fish, but kept at it and had fun.

This girl getting her face painted caught me eye. She took this process very seriously, keeping her head back and still, so as to have the best face paint possible.

This is definitely a family event. There were a couple craft areas for the children, food for the family, music, you name it.

An outdoor event is not complete without vintage cars to judge. My favorite part.

After the Bizarre, it was time to go see Lou Shields and his art work. Lou has several passions. Art being one. The others include skateboarding and music. This weekend was the opening of his "Soul Yard / New Works" exhibition at the Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond. I own some of Lou's work, and have on his "stewardship" program a large paintings as well.

The opening was this weekend. His work will be on exhibit I believe through the end of October. So go check it out! Click here for more information.

You can catch more of my blogs on Lou Shields at StreetPhoto.ME (scroll to the bottom of that link), or see more Lou on his website at Lou Shields Art.

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