Saturday, September 27, 2014

Purdue Calumet Walk 9/27/2014

I finished school at Purdue University, at the Calumet Campus in Hammond. I took Christi there to look around, and to take some photos.

I remember the fun I had there with fellow classmates, student organizations, professors. It was definitely a learning experience for me. I achieved a lot in a short time. Basically, from age 39 to age 45. I saw the campus change. There was a road between Gyte and the Library Building that you had to cross, and not get run over. There was a gap between the Potter building and the Anderson building you had to walk across. We had to pay for parking permits, and parking space was less than limited.

I have seen the street removed and the Classroom Office Building go up. I was even in the first semester (it was summer) that used the CLO building. The air conditioning was not balanced, and we froze ourselves in our heat transfer class. Don't figure.

The Challenger Center went in, and I was able to go on two missions for free, because I was taking part in the student leadership program. I supported a team of seniors for two years, building a mini baja car for university competition. I coordinated paint balls fights between the student organizations in the School of Technology. I partnered local manufacturing businesses with student organizations in the School of Technology. There was much more.

What I enjoyed the most was the campus. I enjoyed the life on campus, the grounds. I even participated in planting of trees and flowers.

Well, today I took Christi around to show her where I enjoyed myself years past. She was impressed. Here are some photographs taken by both of us.

Purdue University
Calumet Campus
2200 169th Street
Hammond, IN 46323

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