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Play Dates - Towle Theater

Do you find yourself planning a play date now days? I really like this play. It is very much a childish childhood and adultish adulthood play, all wrapped into one.

I fall in love easy. I do not fall out of love easy, however, as a child I can see how that happens. You do not understand Love, expect perhaps for a push and a shove to let the other one know, that you know they are there. Seems like the older we get, the longer we stay in a relationship. Yet, the childish banter of love is always there.

The cast is superb. I related to the children, both at that age, and as an adult. The use of adult like thought from a child was hilarious. Especially when you realized the children did not have a clue what they were doing. They were just emulating what they saw in life.

I will be married to my best friend Christi in less than a month. We both photographed this play. We both laughed. We both teared. We both felt, "this is us!" Please make some time to find yourself in this adult play. This play does a very good job of bringing up happy and funny times, both past and present, and what we need to do for the future.

Spoiler Alert! Though the spoilers are not that many, as always, I do recommend you go see the play, or just click on the photos and flip through them. (Some of the writing in the blog can give it away.)

Women 1 - Amy Gorelow

Man 1 - Keith Cavanaugh

Woman 2 - Sara Mergener

Man 2 - Ian Rigg

Enjoy the show (photos)!

There always seems to be a cool guy in school that the girls will drop you like a hot potato for.

Remember kudies? You will in this scene. I remember in grade school hearing so and so has kudies, in order to stop someone from liking someone.

Remember writing letters for the other sex to answer, to see if they liked you? Simple thoughts for simple times. Just check 'yes' . . .

The awkward phone call. You know you wanted to, but would rather forget and not. Then when you get the courage too, your parents find a way to embarrass you. That was your moment, blown away by the parent ease drop . . .

How they imagined they were dancing. Not at all like the two stick figures above.

Nap time. I really do not recall those as a child. This scene paralleled teenage and early adulthood well. Remember when you had no concept of money or property? What would you do if you liked someone and wanted to show it . . . now who took my toy . . .

Adult like conversations in the context of early grade school. This was too funny. I could not stop smiling. It is funny to see the cast reactions, which you take as real. Then you think, hey, this is how we act now, and we do not think it is so funny now. If only we could make up as easily, as back then.

I never thought napping with someone was such a bad thing, until I watched this scene. I do like how this play was written, and how these actors gave it dual, if not more, lives. It was almost like my entire life listening to criticism was rolled up in one ball, and tossed somewhere off to the side, because you realized the unimportance of focusing on such things.

The cool kid in school . . . always gets the girls . . . why?

Girl stolen by the kid with the hot looking bicycle . . .

Seems like every stage in life, you go through the sweet desires, and then into the getting back at you hates. These two act it out well . . .

But it does not really matter what you felt the hour or two before, as a child. You quickly want to get back to playing with your friend.

(The following photos of the photos are not my photos. This is part of the play, and I photographed. When I reduced and tagged the photos, it was done in a batch, hence my copyright. Please ignore the copyright in this case.)

As a child, you see adult problems, and cannot identify with them. So you look at them (adults) weirdly, and go on playing.

Then one day, you become an adult. You remember your childhood, and how your childhood sweetheart broke your heart. So what do you do? Become an expert on the subject!

Some couples make it, from childhood to adulthood. Would you think their problems are any different from a child's?

Loved the mits . . . After 8 years of marriage you think you know everything there is to know about each other. Do you accept it, or find something else new to bring to the marriage?

Then, there are the new neighbors who have accepted there is nothing new, so they just, well, go see the play . . .

I swear, I thought there was another actor on stage I had not seen yet. This is Man 1 (Keith Cavanaugh) playing the bar tender.

The two on the bed, are the two children from the first scene, grown up and meeting at this couples house.

And then sometimes, you do learn something new. It then becomes the simple things in life to enjoy.

So, go make a play date with your significant other, okay . . .

Directed by

Marty Grubs

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