Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Dance of the Dead 50's Sock Hop

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This was a fun evening. Christi and I photographed, listened to Old Grand Dad play, ate at the buffet, looked at TattooFace Miller's artwork that he had on display / sale, and everyone was just having fun.

What made this evening cool as well, is that you did not have to come face painted as a Zombie if you did not want to. You also had the opportunity to get made up as a zombie, at the dance, by Brittlee Hair & Make-up.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy . . .

Old Grand Dad took the stage, all 50'sh and zombie'd. Very cool . . . click here for their Facebook page.

The staff at Brauer House is great. They enjoyed having fun with us, getting into the zombie'ism, letting their hair down . . . was nice to see we were able to do something for them!!!

The best dressed zombie contest . . .

Old Grand Dad brought up Carley Martin to sing for us, and sing she did. This was thoroughly enjoyable.

My trip home . . . okay, not what you wanted to see, however, I found it interesting.

1000 N Rohlwing Road #13
Lombard, IL  60148


Elgin's Signature Halloween Event
Elgin, IL
October 25, 2014
6pm to 11pm

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