Friday, December 5, 2014

Anarchy - One Hot Performance

This was one hot performance. The grace, the smoothness, the "at easedness" (new word I think) this ensemble put forth was simply amazing.

I had photographed Anarchy once before. It may have even been their opening night. I went back to look at that performance and found I did not put a blog up. Needless to say I am now deeply heart broken. That performance was great. This performance was HOT! I need to put up that earlier blog!

For those who may not know, Anarchy is a music improv rock opera. Yes, they sing their lines, made up on the spot, about a topic give to them by the audience. It totally rocks the way they do this. It is definitely a unique experience in my book.

I thoroughly enjoyed going through these photos again. I thoroughly enjoyed my bride Christi's photos. It is nice to know I am not on the top of my game, having that challenge to continually improve. I see that quality in Anarchy. They are taking music improv to the next level. Each move, each chorus, setting them apart to be noticed. We do what we do because we want to perfect it. Self satisfaction. When you combine that with your passion in life, you are Anarchy!

Let me introduce you to tonight's ensemble . . .

Heather Marie Scholl

Andi Sharavsky

Alex Garday

Liz Joynt Sandberg

Bri Fitzpatrick

Jean Bonavita

Bri Fitzpatrick on top of Jean Bonavita
(Feature Photographer Prerogative)

Now, for Anarchy: an improvised rock opera, with your above favorites. 

I think this next series of photos will find themselves in gifs, coming to a FB page near you . . . this performance was hot and solid baby . . .

This next series of photos was of a rock solid performance too! These music improvs may feel like it was slowly implimented, checking each other for acceptance and a go. For the audience, it was pure smoothness and feeling, being in perfect connection to one another without knowing the other was there. One foot stomp, then a next, then a tap, then . . . well . . . the audience joined in!

The rhythmic food stomping continued in the competition of life . . .

Each person who has participated in Anarchy has a lot to be proud of. Thank for this evenings performance!

Let us not forget their music director, Brad Kemp!

3110 N Sheffield Ave

Chicago, IL 60657

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