Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Beer Geeks Tuesday Blues

Tonight Beer Geeks had their Christmas Spectacular with The Steepwater Band and the Nick Moss Band. This event required tickets, which sold out pretty quick. If you thought you would get one at the door the day of this event, you found out you were wrong.

Beer Geeks specializes in craft beer. No hard liquor, none smoking, and they also serve food. Oh, and one of the best venues around for board games. Yes, this is a geeky place, and they (we) love it.

What was nice tonight was the ability to find a seat. Beer Geeks removed the center tables, and lined up chairs. Everyone had a chance to sit! Photography wise, it is still a bit small. One cannot help but be in the face of the musicians at times. Try to photograph from the back, and you get the crowd.

I have not heard the Nick Moss Band before. They are really smooth. The lead singer brings a lot of heart to the music. Of course Steepwater is always a thrill to see. Synced rhythm is all you have to say. Here are some photos of the evening . . .

Needless to say, I like all these guys as brothers. Each have their moments when on stage. I like it when Tod takes control on bass!

Beer Geeks
3030 45th Ave.
Highland, IN 46322

The Steepwater Band

Nick Moss Band

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