Friday, December 5, 2014

Caroline and Laura's Holiday Spectacular

This was fun. Good music improv! I follow Caroline's work. This was the first time for me seeing Laura. The two slammed dunked this, their opening night. Please go see! Direction was by Ashley England. Ashley is a very talented improv herself. Though Caroline and Laura have their "voice" in this music improv, I can see a little Ashley too.

This blog is not yet complete with the photos, or the final photos. Work flow issues. Check back in a couple more days to see the final. Until then, enjoy!

I think Joey has a little Rudolph or Air Jordan in him (next two photos).

Keenan Camp and Brandon C. Price from VAMP dropping in on us . . .

The very beautiful and talented Abby Vatterott dropped in to entertain us . . .

I had been a prop once for M.I.N.T. (Felt like I was, only because I could not keep up with these music improvs on stage.) This brought back memories, that I would like to do it again! Caroline did try to take a bite out of Natasha.

Bravo! This special was special. It may be just me. I cannot help but grow fond of the music improvs at MCL. They become part of my family. Please go check this show out!

Directed by Ashley England

Music Directed by Aaron Graham

Technical Direction by Byron Nickname Roussin


Guest Appearance
Abby Vatterott, with Keenan Camp and Brandon C. Price from VAMP

3110 N Sheffield Ave

Chicago, IL 60657

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