Sunday, December 21, 2014

VAMP at MCL 12/21/2014

VAMP: An Improvised Musical Comedy Club

"Each week hosts Keenan Camp and Brandon C. Price along with MCL Chicago co-founder Stephanie McCullough Vlcek and her band Doc McCullough & The Vampers are joined, BYOB drinks in hand, by some of the best veteran musical comedians from casts (such as Cupid Has a Heart On, Improvised Sondheim Project, The Second City, Infinite Sundaes), and more, for a classy evening of original short form music improv drinking games. Weekly updates on special guests can be found on the VAMP Facebook page and onTwitter." 

I tried to write something and found I could not do any better than their website!

I must write, I had a lot of fun. This particualar VAMP was their holiday soiree! Okay, I took soiree from their FB page because I would not have come up with that word. Mine would have bee "FUN". A bunch of games played by a bunch of top notch music improvs. This is a BYOB event. Lets just say, you could have fooled me . . .

Here are some photos of the soiree.

My cheesy friend Heather Marie Scholl spreading a white cheddar Christmas wish . . . gotta love this lady . . .

Our hosts, Brandon and Keenan.

And our music improvs that will game this evening. One, two, three, four . . . more than I can count.

I am just lucky Christi did not go up. I had a sneak peak at some of the games Keenan and Brandon were coming up with, earlier this year at MINT. This game they pick two audience members, take their cell phones, and use their text to music improvise for us. Now remember, these are two unrelated audience members. How they use the text is really comical, to the point you are past embarrassment and having a lot of fun.

And then there is Lou. That is all I have to say about that.

This next improv I thought was the best of the night. Yes, all were a lot of fun. This one just set itself apart for me. They had character names for this, selected by the audience. I cannot remember what they were . . . however, very funny. (Perhaps something like Mr. Snowman and Lady Devil.)

A little Thanksgiving on the "L".

Here comes the turkey . . .

Of course, nobody will ever be embarrassed on this stage . . . not with Alex there.

This next game had to end in a kiss. Preferably on the lips. So they started off with spin the bottle to select the happy couple.

Sometimes you are grateful when they ring the gong, as it were . . .

You figure out what this improv was about! . . .


3110 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

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