Saturday, April 18, 2015

South Shore Roller Girls - AKA Team Wonder Woman

Let the good times roll! On skates, with SSRG vs. Dupage Derby Dames!!!

This blog post is the second bout of a double header. Much of the introduction for both bouts was written in my prior blog post. You can click "here" to read that. 

What was different with this bout was that both teams are heavy hitters. You expect more out of them. We saw more out of them. They both fought fiercely. Only one came away with the win . . . SSRG.

Both teams endured, and I mean endured. To watch them put forth so much physical strength, and mental effort to maintain control, was just awesome. One thing I have noticed over time. When a team gets better (and both of these teams have gotten better), you are a target for other teams. To be at your best you pay for it. Of course you have to dish it out too. Again, both teams were great this evening.

Here are some photos starting with the pre-bout warm ups.

PPE (personal protective equipment) check time . . . though I did not show the Ref going from skater to skater. Not all the team members are shown.


We had two special moments this evening. First, we had a moment of silence for #57 Casper, who committed suicide a week ago. Casper #57 was remembered and seen by markings of #57 on both these teams, SSRG and the DuPage County Derby Dames (and the earlier bout teams as well). (Thank you.) Casper skated with the Darlings of Destruction Junior Derby League. It is hard on an individual, especially a teen, when the person you know you are comes under attack. Bullied. 

Casper was a trans skater. I cannot imagine the pressure put on her. I can only imagine the loneliness, and how your peers can put you down, and for what seems to be for their enjoyment. Not yours. I recently photographed a play "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead". Casper's tragedy reminded me of this play. If it ever comes your way I recommend you go see it. This particular photo shoot I linked was at Purdue University Calumet. The play at Purdue ends this coming weekend.

The other special moment was to show support and give strength to one of our derby girls, ArmaGWEndolyn, who was diagnosed with cancer. SSRG renamed their team this bout in support of her, to "Wonder Women", and many of them sported their new Wonder Women tattoos for her. Needless to say she was taken by this affection. She is, Wonder Women, and so deserves that title too!

Game On!

Half Time

2nd Half!

I chose to start the 2nd half off with some flash photography. Later switched back to non-flash.

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DuPage County Derby Dames Onslaught
DuPage County, IL

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