Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bone City vs. DuPage OutRage 4/2015

Derby is a social event for families. Yes, the derby goers are typically related to a derby member in one way or another. However, now in all cases. Like me. I was not related. I saw there was roller derby in my area, found it interesting in thought, and asked if I could go photograph a game. The answer was yes!

This is not the derby we have seen years past on TV. At least the teams I photograph. This is flat track. More dangerous to the skaters physical being I think. This is what makes the track a bit slower than slant track.

Being flat track does not take away any enjoyment from watching the sport. They are atheletes. Their bodies endure the stress on the body skating flat track. They endure the pounding of the opponents trying to find the skating line for offense, and defense. They endure when they constantly hit the floor. We, the spectators, endure when they come flying at us, which to me is the fun part.

But back to the point. This is a social event for families. People of all ages. They come to see a friend on the track, the neighbor next door, or just to come and socialize. These ladies on the track do this for free. The money they raise through sales of tickets and concessions help pay for the facility they skate in, and more important to them, to support a cause or charity. To us, we may think they come for the bruises. For them, it is for the commendatory of derby. The support among all of the derby participants. The sheer enjoyment of the sport.

I do want you to check out a game (a bout) one of these days. No, it is not for everyone. Something like Doctor Who is not for everyone. However, if you are even somewhat interested, if you watch how these ladies battle on the floor, you will become part of derby. You cannot help it. You admire the mental and physical strength they put forth on the floor. And the strength to control emotions that do not belong on the floor. Yes, they get concussions, scrapes, sprains, and broken bones. It is that intense. It is for that reason I admire them and support them. For they do it because the friendship and bonding that takes place in derby life overtakes any of that negative.

Here are some photos from this evening, starting when I first arrived. This was a double header between Bone City (in orange) and the DuPage OutRage (in green) at the SSRG (South Side Roller Girls) back yard. For the second bout, click here (still working on it).

Warm ups . . .

This event included coloring and face painting for the children.

The opening National Anthem was sung by our "All American Sweethearts: A salute to the Andrews Sisters". You can find more on these great trio of gals by clicking here. Hire them for an event please! Note, they volunteered their services for this event.

Game On!

The The Sweethearts performed at half time too. This is a tough bill. Everyone takes a break at half time to eat and look at the vendor tables. Through all that, these ladies could be heard throughout the building, and it was in style!

2nd Half

Support Roller Derby!

Bone City Rollers
Warsaw Indiana

DuPage County Derby Dames OutRage
DuPage County, IL

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lexii said...

Love the take on derby, and seeing all the photos and reading the blog!! Hope to see you out at one of our bouts in Roselle some time!!
-Double Dee Trouble #19 from the DuPage Derby Dames! :)