Friday, April 10, 2015

Hessville Star At VIP Lounge

Great music so close to home. One could not ask for more. The Hessville Star, made up of "All-Star musicians", kicked some rock out tonight. Believe me, these guys know their stuff.

Billy Ozzello - Lead Vocal, Bass, Acoustic Guitar

Chris Grove - Keyboards, Vocals

Chris Karp - Drums, Vocals

Zeke Rongers - Lead Guitar, Vocals

If you do not know these gentlemen, look them up. It is worth the read.

I love Billy O's written music the most. There is a lot of feeling, passion coming out. It is nice to have him in our neighborhood as owner of Dynamite Music in Griffith too. Go check it out some time . . .

When the Rongers family are present, great things happen!

Hessville Star

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