Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day in Chicago

My son invited me up to Chicago to tour the new river front expansion, and to eat at Weber Grill! Too cool for a Dad who is also a photographer.

The morning was hazy, and a bit warm with some humidity. The walk along the river front was a short one. I guess I was expecting a longer extension. I still remember when the barge broke in half there during construction.

Here are some photos . . .

What is cool is that the company I work for remade some of the gear sectors used to raise some of these bridges over the Chicago river. Which bridges have the refit I do not recall. It was several years ago.

My son Nick, taking a quick pose for a photo . . .

Weber Grill, where they actually grill on huge grills. Had a great steak here!

One more quick shot of Nick. I wanted the building in the back without a lot of road, so head and shoulder shot it was.

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