Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hammond Art Walk 2015

The 4th annual Hammond Art Walk has become quite the thing. This year the walk included:

Hammond Arts Center

Felix Maldonado of Flex Studio

Hammond Public Library

It's Just Serendipity

Towle Theater

Hammond Innovation Center

The Blue Room Cafe

Mark Anderson Studios


Substation 9

American Printing

Paul Henry's Art Gallery

The HUB of Innovation

For me, parking behind Paul Henry's Art Gallery and the Towle Theater works for starters (above photo). You are able to walk to both of them, and the Hammond Innovation Center, Substation 9, The Blue Room Cafe, Mark Anderson Studios, and American Printing. Then you can drive or bicycle to the others.

Christi and I made it to more than I have photos to show. You can stop in at these locations anytime during the year to see art. Go Online to check their hours, or shows/openings. Tell them Wes & Christi sent you!

The first set of photos were also our first stop, the Hammond Arts Center.

The next set of photos were taken at the Towle Theater, where our artist friend Dawn Arnold Diamantopoulos had her art on display. I first met Dawn at Substation 9 during the 2012 Art Tour (1st art walk).

The next set of photos are of Paul Henry's Art Gallery, where my photography re-started the end of December, 2011.

Hammond Innovation Center

Substation 9

The Blue Room Cafe

Elevator Up and Down to Mark Anderson Studios
(no studio shots were taken)

American Printing

Our ride back home, via Dairy Bell . . . my first time there!  Enjoyed the ice cream cone, and being able to pay what was on the sign (no extra money for tax).

For previous art walks click on the year: 2012, (no blog for 2013), 2014.

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