Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Steepwater Band at Beer Geeks

As always, all had a great time. Why? Because of The Steepwater Band at Beer Geeks in Highland, IN of course!

Tuesday blues day at Beer Geeks draws a lot of good blues music. You can tell when you drive by. The parking lot is full . . . an hour ahead of time. TSB is well oiled, tuned, and enjoy playing in front of their home crowd. Familiar faces and close friends brings out the "family". Both in fans and other musicians.

As you watch TSB, you can see their comfort level, their vibe as they jam together. They can let their hair down with us, as it were. Everything grooves with them, makes sense to them. We love and support these guys because they love and support us!

Jeff Massey - Lead Guitar / Vocal

Joe Winters - Drums

Tod Bowers - Bass / Vocal

Eric Saylors - Guitar / Vocal

When the Kinsey's are in the house, you bring them up to jam with you. What better way to enjoy the evening, than to extend a welcome to your extended family. The photo below is Donald Kinsey, lead guitar and vocal of The Kinsey Report.

Though the next photo may not be clear, because of the blue color (he's in blues mode . . . lol . . . pun intended), you still know this is younger brother Kenneth Kinsey playing bass. So smooth . . .

Do yourself a favor and check out The Kinsey Report on Facebook by clicking here.

Nic Byrd was in the house. Another well known blues player. Nic's guitar speaks to you, mellows you out. When he and Jeff Massey guitar speak, the room listens.

The Steepwater Band

Beer Geeks
3030 45th Ave.
Highland, IN 46322

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