Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy B-Day Billy O'

Happy Birthday Billy! It was a nice get together with his close friends. I am fortunate to have married Christi, or I would not have had the chance to help celebrate with some photos for you to enjoy.

I know all of you will have a different appreciation for Billy. That is what makes us unique. That is what bonds us to Billy. That is probably why Billy appreciates us.

I have known Billy for just a short while. I am not that close to him. Mostly a passerby and a fan. My take, Billy is humble, yet knows what he wants / needs to do in life. Obviously he loves music. What I see is that he loves writing music. Laying his life out there sometimes, exposed, for all of us to connect. He is also a business man in this music world. That in itself offers a lot of challenge. He does well, and wants to do more.

As Billy takes his journey through life, I believe he has a realization now that we do not have time to make life complicated. If you do, you pass up the joy. I do see Billy enjoying life right now. So, Cheers to a warm good hearted fellow! May you have many more occasions to celebrate many more years! Happy journey . . .

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