Friday, July 1, 2016

Trip to The Grand Hotel Mackinac

My bride Christi and I, along with our dog Bubba, took a spontaneous trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan to see the water falls, with the intent of ending up on Mackinac Island. For the most part we executed the rough plan pretty well.

We chose to go through Wisconsin first, then come back through Michigan. One reason was because I wanted my bride to tour through the EAA museum in Oshkosh. (Christi will have a blog post on this.) On the way up we needed to stop, and low and behold we found ourselves at the Brat Stop! The area has changed since I last stopped there some 30 years ago.

We made it to Michigan and stopped at our first water fall. Strangely enough the area felt familiar too. When we went to the one side of the fall we could not get in through the woods to see it, so we drove to the other side. In doing so we spotted Blackjack ski resort. I went there with friends back in 1980 to ski for my one and only time. It was very strange to see it in the summer. Still there, bunny hill and all.

We went to only a couple of the waterfalls we thought we wanted to see. The urge to find shelter for the night in a comfortable bed with air conditioning and no mosquitoes was upon us. So we kept driving and photographing until we landed a room.

Our second night stay was in Musining, MI. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for waterfalls (among other activities), this would be the place. We are planning to come back here and take a boat to see the painted rocks!

Off to Macanac Island, with a pit stop somewhere. I saw this bay and thought, what a good place to live with a sea plane. Low and behold, a plane with pontoons flew overhead!

Waiting for the ferry to Macanac Island!

Bubba may look like he's a little sea sick, but he is not. Doing his thing sniffing the food smells coming from the island.

Our ride for the second half of the tour.

Horse by some method, walk, or bicycle is the only way you get around the island!

We enjoyed being on the island so much, that we are coming back in the fall. I booked a room at The Grand Hotel for the honeymoon we never had because we could not afford to. Not that we have the money now to do it . . . we have the time to save money to do it.

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