Wednesday, July 20, 2016

M.I.N.T. Time

M.I.N.T. on a Wednesday night is refreshing. Like a breath of fresh air. A mental floss if you will. Good for your health. Healing.

It has been a long while since my bride and I have been to MCL to see some improv, let alone music improv from M.I.N.T. We were very happy to be there, to see the ensembles perform, and to be allowed to take photographs of such wonderful people.

The ensembles who are performing this season are:

The Fresh Mints of Bel Air



Minty Morphin Power Rangers

Now, please do not take any meaning behind how many photos I take of any one ensemble. My timing and lighting pretty much determines if the photo is taken or if it even comes out. Every ensemble is deserving of attention!

Here are some photos from this evening starting with the rotational host ensemble tonight VetaVitaVegaMint, followed the the three performing ensembles.  Enjoy!

Minty Morphin Power Rangers



The Fresh Mints of Bel Air

I must say, I did enjoy myself some of The Fresh Minsts of Bel Air tonight. The names they came up with, along with accent and demeanor, came off well.

The open-to-audience Music Improv Jam is the second half of the evening. This is hilarious because improvs get to work together who may have never worked together, and the public can join as well. The games they play can roll your eyes, make you blush, and spin your brain trying to keep up with them (picturing yourself in their shoes).

If you are coming from NW Indiana, like my bride and I do, please plan on a 2 hour travel to get there on time (30 minutes before they start). Rush hour and parking have to do with that. Coming back to NW Indiana is a 45 minute breeze. If you are a cubs fan you have probably taken the South Shore and L-train. That is an option for MCL Chicago as well. Bottom line, this is well worth the trip, at least once if not more in your lifetime! For me, I have made the trip at least a couple dozen times.

MCL Chicago
3110 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

Every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. BYOB

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