Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just Photos - 1

There was a reason in my life why from age 10 to 13 I liked to photograph. My eyes were wide open and I saw and felt the simplicity, serenity, peaceful moments, and the real newness of life. It felt somewhat like a kid in a candy store as well. I took in the wonder, not realizing at all what it meant. I photographed airplanes (using a Kodak 126 cartridge camera), because I understood the labor each builder put forth to create their marvelous mechanical wonder. 

I grew up surrounded by aviation.  Specifically experimental aircraft. (My dad is EAA member #26. He would have had an earlier number I believe, except that he went back the next day to join.) I photographed planes sitting on sod fields and runways, at airports and in the middle of corn fields. I photographed planes upside down and backwards performing acts of a controlled dance against both clear and cloudy skies. I photographed the cool looking configurations, and the cool looking paint schemes. Paint schemes were the talk of the air field in the 1960’s.

As I grew older it became more “keep up with the Jones’” type of thing. Working on getting ahead became survival, and all the simplicity, serenity, peaceful moments, and the real newness of life was pushed to the back burner, becoming almost lost.

So the photography I do now is to bring back the simplicity, serenity, peaceful moments, and the real newness of life. It is to calm you down, lower your heart rate, to bring you more enjoyment, and if all goes right to help extend your life. Of course I am doing it for myself. I am also extending it to you.

The photo above was taken on my way to work this morning, near the end of my street. What caught my attention was the lighting on the tree, framed by the early morning sun that was just staring to show. The photo set below was taken on the way to work of Hoosier Prairie, looking East from Kennedy Avenue.

The next two photos were taken in Dyer.

This last set of photos were taken at noon time at the Monee Resevior

"Just Photos - 1" is my way to present random photographs taken today. I will continue to do this in sequential numbering for a day or over a few weeks. The only intent of the moment is to capture what caught my eye, without anything specific in mind. I hope you will enjoy it.

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