Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Unity Collective USA Tour" - The Bergamot

Updated 11/1/2016

Stories are told so you can feel the world around you. It can be spiritual related. It can be of wars and heroes. It can be of feast. It can be of hope, peace, unity. Creating a story is another. You have to create the story before there is a story. The Bergamot with Jillian and Nathan are creating their story. Their story of Unity throughout our country, through music. This was a journey that started January 2nd, 2016 in NYC and that ended here, in South Bend Indiana. A journey of music to spread kind words, to help unite people to belong to a common good. For me life is a journey. One that will never end. The Bergamot have a long journey ahead of them too, and in this specific part of time they have turned "Unity" into their story.

Tonight was powerful in that the band and the performance was spectacular. It must be nice being able to write music for a voice such as Jillian's. She is dynamic with range and power, put together in such perfect form that makes you dream. Nathan's writing talent does not go unnoticed either. His music challenges you to knew dynamics. His articulation, command of his instrument is outstanding. The vocal between the two of them compliments their talent to amaze you.

This evening was the last stop of the "Unity Collective USA Tour". Their car with signatures across the US will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to Memorial Children's Hospital. My bride Christi signed the car!

Here are my photos from this evening's event at the Morris Performing Arts Center, South Bend. I hope you will enjoy them. Please, if you would, donate to the children. More information is at the end of this blog.

A few photos for you from inside the Morris Performing Arts Center.

The Bergamot - Periscope (Live at The Morris)

Memorial Children's Hospital
615 N Michigan St
South Bend, Indiana

The Bergamot
Jillian Speece - Lead Vocal
Nathaniel Hoff - Lead Guitar / Vocal

Morris Performing Arts Center
211 N Michigan St
South Bend, Indiana

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