Saturday, October 1, 2016

Griffith Barktoberfest Mutt Strut

This was the first year for the Griffith Barktoberfest Mutt Strut. Plenty of mutts showed up, along with their dogs. (Okay, I had to make a funny.)

You can see the joy in the dogs being out with their owners. The dogs had fun meeting each other in Halloween costume, though I suspect they ignored each other's costume, for the most part.

The event was to raise awareness and money for the Humane Society Calumet Area. The dogs registered to show support, and so did many shops in Griffith. I thought this was a great way for those who may not have strolled (or strutted) downtown Griffith, to do so and to see what Griffith has to offer.

Sponsors (stops) for the event included: 

The first photo is of my Super Mutt Bubba, looking at all the dogs ahead, ready to save the day.

As a child and teenager growing up, the hobby shop was always my first choice of places to go. G&G Hobbies is a great place to shop. There are not too many of the "old school" (as I will call it) hobby shops left.

My need is to buy this corner building . . . I need money first . . .

Bubba has learned how to express himself. Here he is giving the "you have got to be kidding" look, for all those goofy dogs in costumes.

The dog below I think was wondering why Bubba was being held, and perhaps wanted the same.

And they are off on their strut, starting with G&G Hobbies . . .

Creative Comics was the next stop. Sort of a double U-turn along the path. The line outside to go in was awesome. I suspect passing by cars thought there was a big autograph signing there or something. I do have to say, it was also disappointing to see cars still going 35 mph after the tracks, in a 20 mph zone. Felt like Rueth Drive. So I chose to put my butt out in the street to make the cars slow down, so the cars would not hit the dogs coming out of the store.

Bubba just could not figure this animal out. You can tell he was curious because he kept his nose to the "big nose" as it were.

Bubba - "Get me away from this weird dog."

Inside photo of Griffith Billiards. It is very nice inside. I am going to go back and play a couple games with the bride.

Inside photo of Griffith Rentals & Sales. I have been there before. Very helpful people.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the dogs were finishing their strut, and waiting on contest results.

1st Annual Griffith Barktoberfest Mutt Strut

See you next year!

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