Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wes' Excellent Adventure V

Once and a while I will just take a trip to photograph. This time is a bit different in that this is a collection of miscellaneous photographs from a couple different trips. I thought they were worthy of showing you. The photo above (and the two below) are of the BP refinery in Whiting. I have been wanting to photograph the refinery, and still do. This happened to be a quick stop and photograph on my way in to an event in Whiting.

The next few photos are of the sunrise on my way to work, taken as I stopped in Dyer to photograph. Various clouds at various elevations framed the sky, making the sunrise look cool. These were taken last week.

As the sun moves vertical, the clouds move horizontal on the horizon, giving you a different look each second that goes by. There is no way to capture the every changing thrill except on video, however, that can take away from the experience, knowing you can always go back and look at the vid. For me, seeing the still photographs depict the change, and having been there to witness, is what makes this enjoyable.

What was cool were the geese flying South for the winter. The morning sunrise gave them direction.

The next photos were taken from my house the next morning before I drove off to work.

And driving through Griffith. I did not get the light I wanted. I think I missed it for this year.

Saturday my bride Christi and I went to the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois. For whatever reason the purple things caught my eye.

You do not drive on this road. You walk it . . .

As I walked around Turtle Pond I saw Christi on the other side and photographed her. Here she was trying to get Bubba to look my way, though he is not "in camera" anyway. Also, not one darn turtle in sight.

This last set of photos was taken Sunday at Potato Creek in Indiana. Christi's favorite place to go. Here, not one darn potato in sight.

More of these purple things. Same things, different photos (exposures).

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