Thursday, October 20, 2016

Twincade - Game 1

Twincade is a very cool place! I have been wanting to go in and game against my bride since they opened. We finally did it tonight, after voting. Christi and I are in competition to see who can kick each others a** in pinball. We were even score, until tonight.

Twincade is arranged very well. Lots of space, a bar, seating, and food. Of course they also have a cool selection of games that cost you 25 cents a play. They have marketing in place so you can get free tokens to play as well.

My bride Christi and I played a round on their Ghost Busters pinball machine, ate, then went back to another round or two. I could not help but think that this is a great place to spend some time after work, having a beer, playing a game or two, and perhaps eating there. They do have some cool choices on their menu!

Here are some photos from inside. As Arnold has said, "I'll be back!"  If you would like to no more about Twincade, GO VISIT!  You can also check out this write-up by the Post-Tribune by clicking "here".

108 N Broad St
Griffith, IN 46319
Open 4pm to 2am

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