Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hessville Star 3/18/17

When these guys get together (and it has been close to 18 months since they have), this is a Must See. This is like a critical mass band of the apogee of class, seriousness, groove, being what music is about, and "we don't do this often".

(Critical Mass - "the minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture.")

(Apogee - "the highest point in the development of something; the climax or culmination". Hey, I knew the word but still had to look it up. So I thought I would save some of you the time.)

I think that because "we don't do this often", it makes the band members crisp, no worries but to perform. They are keen to each others vibe and make slight adjustments known just to themselves, to make it a perfect presentation. Seldom practiced, however well orchestrated.

Hessville Star
The Powerhouse of Music

Billy Ozzello - Bass / Acoustic Guitar / Vocal
(comes from the band Survivor)

Chris Grove - Keyboard / Vocal
(comes from the band Eddie Money)

Chris Karp - Drums / Vocals
(comes from Crawpuppies, Midnight Ramblers, AC/ZC, The Rolling Jones)

Zeke Rongers - Lead Guitar / Vocals
(comes from Bonfire, Scamp, AC/ZC)

To think, I now call these guys friends, because of my photography, and my bride Christi! What a life, so thank you Billy, Chris, and Chris, and Zeke. You guys are family.

Here are some photos of the evening. You can see photos that my bride Christi took by clicking "here".

Groom Mark and Bride Elaine Rongers dancing to music being played by son Zeke Rongers. (Do not let my writing fool you. They have been married for many years.) Beautiful people, beautiful family.

Father Mark Rongers with daughter Perrin Rongers, videoing son/brother Zeke Rongers. I feel like I need them to adopt me and Christi. I know they have. I just had to write it for everyone to know these people are special to all of us.

I cannot say or write enough to describe all of the emotions that wrap me and my bride Christi to all of the musicians, artists, improvs, and theater people we have met who have let us into their lives. Life it to be experienced. (To a great extend within social norms.) It is also to be contributed to, daily. I am grateful that I can give back to these people by supporting them with great admiration and attendance, along with my humbled photography of them.

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