Saturday, March 25, 2017

SSRG 3/25/17

As always, bunches of photos to go around. So many photos that I am not showing some I took in order to save your sanity. (Or mine.)

This game, both bouts, were fun. I photographed the good with the bad scenes, and the action surrounding. I try not to play favorites, to photograph everybody, and I do support both the home and away teams. That is my derby.

Illiana Derby Dames bout against the home B-Team, the South Shore Roller Girls (SSRG) Derailers. Afterward, the Lafayette Brawlin Dolls (LBD) rolled against the home A-Team, the SSRG Runaways.

Both bouts were well played. I miss photographing the Illiana Derby Dames. I need to get back to their track and photograph some more home games of theirs. For the 1st bout, SSRG won.

The 2nd bout was one for the books. For the fans, it was a real exciting game. I have to thank the fans of LBD for coming to the bout. They showed great support of their team, and made the difference for all of us for an enjoyable evening. Both SSRG and LBD put up a fight. It was well played, with everything you could think of thrown in to get the win. Tough, fierce, fast, painful, exhausting, but most of all, both teams looked professional and well trained. This is why I cannot choose a team. I choose derby.

Here are the photos. Please enjoy. Note, if you read my copyright you will find that if you are in the photo, use it to your hearts content. If this is your team, I am extending the same privileges to you as if you were in the photo.

When you see these angled shots, they are from me playing with my camera, setting new camera parameters. Sometimes they actually show something, so I left them in . . .

Here I started playing with use of a flash, hence the color change. Typically I photograph without a flash.


Getting ready for bout 2 . . .

I do not know if I could abide by this next one . . .

My friend Lou and his girl, who have never been to a SSRG game before . . .

Not My Photo

Game On!

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I will take this time to for a special thanks to the SSRG sponsors:

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